Forbidden Knowledge : Advanced Ancient Technology part 4

Roaring back to closer to full strength very quick the most dramatic time in terms of change of the magnetic strains per hour its most dramatic time of the day and wherever you have a changing magnetic field occurring you are generating electric current in anything present that will conduct electricity it's a simple principles of physics known as induction and it is in universal

In everyday life we don't ever see large concentrations of this energy normally don't show up that they have mountain tops and sacred sites will feel a certain call Missouri peace the best people in those places sound report mystical experience still see you in some other dimension kind of seeing some of the Chinese have known about this for a long time and they call it to the Hindus in there And no keys with the maintaining range in tradition of music in effects of Ryan process electricity magnetism strong effect on that so it modifies all the other laws of physics when you look back Stop building like the payments for were constructed the suspicion arises that the address to it I have any more about the stuff than we do and they may have been using it for their engineering

the soHow to stand being high technology because she is a little different kinds of stone from a variety of sources you used to construct Egyptian monuments do the distinct qualities of the stones of a special purpose of fun fascinating is the core of the Pyramids at least at Giza are made out of one type of limestone what is the limestone that was closest but it also happens to be the type of school dolomite because it's got a high magnesium content and because of that metal content that kind of limestone conducts electricity pretty well and then they chose to she's the pyramid in the wider Carolina Stoneridge grand that is why there is prettier and all that but it's also has almost zero magnesium content and therefore so much poor conductor of electricity is closer to appear calcium carbonate which is what oil limestone is and cure calcium carbonate conducts electricity much more poorly then don't know my test is interesting to me that there's water stones were the ones that they cut so precisely but no lease thousands of years later you still can't get a razor blade between them because basically got yours we got a situation with the highlight electrically conductive core of those pyramids were wrapped in what is effectively of the very effective insulator

why the granite in the passageways you know is ending and so of course I'm thinking from an electrical point of view and a physical point of view is there anything special about granite sand and the other is granite is slightly radioactive and it will I am eyes are electric by the year the releases radon gas which is radioactive gran it is its not good so its a life so you have you seen shafts with granite linings and I wonder if it wasn't designed to keep that electrical charge present in the shafts they were billed exactly like the interview will an insulated wire only more so because you got all the charge in the ground it spread across the face concentrated all the way up into this tiny spot at the top

We were the weather today is very simple and wanted to Avenue and another one abroad in England Stonehenge same material being constructed and same way and safe technique but the construction there is built in addition to have the water because its water bed it's usually work with using water in Egypt you do have a similar situation to England in that you have one stone aquifers under the monuments an aquifer is an underground layer of porous washer bearing rock Call when rivers and lakes fly to the water drains into them and movement of water through one stone or truck aquifers is known to produce electrical charge by two different processes that are self reinforcing and I'll personally measure this for a week at a stretch it so Berryhill in England for example the right before and after thunderstorms is the water is sinking into the ground we measure the increase in ground current the change in the magnetic field is that happened in such a

session and crash and they the way would Electra youField as well so if you were looking to give an electrical charge a little boost salmon or something like that it makes a lot of sense to have it at a minimum running water and in fact that 31. Cool on the south shore of Lake Titicaca their biggest monument the acapella pyramids I was terrorist in such a way as to have end of the water come down and waterfalls at alternated outside the pyramid inside the pyramids but does that kind of falling water generates enough electric charge that's one of the common school physics experiments as you can in your zone sync it home if you can divide the stream of water coming out of your faucet into two separate streams you can take a little LED indicator light and put it between the streams and it will generate enough electricity that I may be every 20 seconds or so see the light bulb oh come on

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Seem fully functional and not decorative at all but it's okay if I were to what were they

what are the biggest structures that modern man builds on the planet the biggest most of one's hiring structures we create a hydroelectric dams why are we willing to invest so inspiring amounts of Labor and effort in constructing those because we know we're going to get a very valuable physical free turn in the form of electricity and by comparison I wonder if the ancient megalith builders warranty willing to invest such staggering amount of resources by even smaller populations because they knew that they could get something very physical and worthwhile back from it people are fascinated by Egyptian monuments and some report the energy is palpable at the sign it possible to confirm this energy through scientific mean

by the glass or showConsole Energy but that's a whole new trend of thought and looking at ancient structures that maybe the Ancients understood settle energies just appears to be a technology that may exist in megalithic societies you little deuce deuce decided to build things out of big stones it makes sense that you could motivate an entire population to invest so heavily in building these structures on things and I'm I don't mean to say by any means that this is the only purpose of the mega list but I think it's pretty clear that it's at least one of the primary or one of the important purposes for building a structure is expanded metal excites everywhere around the world and there's a tentative to make circles are some types of Dalmatians make a list excite the car all over the world is that placement random order the location of these sites reveal yet another hidden layer of ancient knowledge one thing I found looking at different megalithic structures over a few continents in numerous places around the world overwhelmingly these places the pyramids the stone henges at center of the world were placed on ground where an unusual type of geology naturally concentrates the regular daily natural electromagnetic fluctuations that occur everywhere on the earth each day you going to England for example of the the ley lines that cross I love the Michael live with herds of miles long process England of that carries its energy along that line it will therefore generate electric currents in the land called to lyric currents in the straight geological sense of that work and does occur everywhere in the planets what we thought that this delay energy is subtle energy passes along these lines there a certain special types of geology that will magnify those several-fold and that's where we found the megalith builders prefer to put their their monuments and typically wear a Lions cross or you're more than one line of accepting my temples were off and built these are called conductivity discontinuities which sounds highway technical but it's merely the place where one area of ground that has a good ability to conduct electricity meets another area of ground that has a lesser ability to conduct these natural electric current the Chinese had the same tradition they call the dragon lives it was illegal for a Commodore to be buried on such a line by King had to be very what does a lot to put some Palace is there was a whole series of sacred sites they're always build on lines like this I want to see
Goshen then December to Goshen then disappear when a it seems this people not come to help birth and first and get up they were the

Hours unfortunately of the pre-dawn hours if you really want to study this you've got to get up at 3 and get out there very fast that's because the the energy that is involved in these sites its really feeling most of it originates with the daily changes in the Earth's geomagnetic field its strongest during the day we kissed at night and in the hours leading up to doing the weaker field lines now it

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The engineers and the deal with all the dollar by cutting stone so serious and use and that is clear and not only in the tournament and the 30 minutes and then the temperature and how many places you can see that the delivery to teach at that point to knowledge of high technology a fascinating thing occurred when a chunk of stern recently fell off a little at a Buddhist temple and controversial images resembling a helicopter and other advanced looking vehicles were revealed under the stairs it would seem that the images were covered in the distant past when things were changing politically in Egypt nowadays Egyptian to a guys are explicitly instructed not to point these hours to tourist s

the Egypt logical explanation is the disease multiple hieroglyphs overlapping from distant king The explanation is still debatable controversial object of Egypt ologist smelly DM impossible and is the artifact commonly known as the Baghdad battery the generate some mild electrical charge similar ancient artifacts that match these are pigs have been found in Egypt we can't say for certain but it would appear that the Egyptians documented the existence of these are just acts as well we creations of these objects are being made and have successfully created electric current

There was no natural light inside these underground Chris but we see notes from torches or oil lamps the end the lights we know the Ancients used for the ancient Egyptians have had their own source of electrical power if nothing else the Ancients have to cut move and list massive Theron block that would challenge our engineers today want to see hunter will automatically assume that ancient structures off of ceremonial and religious purposes maybe the pyramids of two completely different function than previously imagined there's a lot of speculation about what the pyramids were actually built for vimos accepted notion is that they were too

Much more complicated situation of the Great Pyramid than most people understand most people believe including the lobby to call just to see it simply as a tool for the pharaoh Khufu what idea did Travis Tritt for the following reason I'm even if we don't find mummies in the parents and for assigning a single money in any of the pyramids doesn't seem to deter the people who think that that's what they were for us or something that sometimes referred to as I stop for gas or copper and the beautiful granite structure but that doesn't prove defensive in my mind that was ever actually use her to have been used for many other purposes

Send a different going to Sac tonight once I got a stupid I mean that is to look at the difference in construction between the Step Pyramid and the Great Pyramid the difference in style of construction would logically indicate they were built in different time frames the buildings we need to be to me that the Step Pyramid the car and the flat topped master bath also the car are very different from the smooth sided Pyramids at Giza and Asher typically in Egypt all the construction I build a large of a new construction of those of smallest an ulcer in archaeology all the structures are Depot nearest structures are found closest to the Sun sets every other too much is being found is highly decorated with